About - Seth Aronstam

Israel is a tiny country that could fit into Lake Michigan. Yet, this small slice of land contains incredibly diverse terrain, from deserts in the south to snow-capped mountains in the north.

Not only is Israel geographically diverse, but just about every step you take brings you to ruins from bygone cultures that came to conquer, but were themselves later conquered. Standing in countless locations mentioned in the Bible is one of the most awe inspiring aspects of travel in Israel.

My passion is to reveal Israel’s natural beauty, as well as ancient and biblical landmarks scattered throughout the country, through a collection of stunning artistic scenics.


Seth Aronstam


I grew up in South Africa and studied graphic design and advertising.  I moved to Israel in 2001. It didn't take me long to fall in love with the land and decide to share its beauty using photography as a medium. Usually a photographer chooses a subject or specialty to focus on. I decided what I want to shoot before I knew how to hold a camera. It did not come to me naturally. After years of courses and thousands of attempts, I continue to grow and learn new techniques. I don't think the learning will ever stop!

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